System configuration

Common features

  • No support costs
  • Subscription-based model with no additional fees
  • Custom process to extract, parse and convert proforma data into PDF format
  • Secure delivery of proforma records and PDFs from DMS to iPad app client, for review and markup, and back
  • Comprehensive reporting on status of proformas at every stage of the process

Cloud installation

  • Fault-tolerant cloud-hosted server and database
  • Zero customer IT resources required for continued operation, beyond initial setup and configuration
  • Suitable for small to medium sized firms with limited IT resources

Local installation on customer network

  • Dedicated server and database
  • DMS is contained within, and protected by, customer network security and firewall
  • Local proforma backup archive.

PDF delivery

Prior to the billing department sending the proforma output to the printer, each proforma is converted to a PDF. Proformas are batched by attorney and then sent to PortoFormia's cloud server. This secure document repository assures that your proformas are stored safely and provides metrics to the billing department indicating the history and status of each document. Gone are the cluttered email boxes full of proformas in various states of editing. Attorneys with iPads are notified by email that proformas are waiting in their approval queue in PortoFormia.

The approval/work queue

After proformas are delivered to the work queue, the attorney opens the PortoFormia application on the iPad.

After login in, the work queue is presented. Each proforma for the billing period is listed. One touch of the finger and a proforma is selected, and then opened for viewing and annotating. The built-in annotation tool is invoked and editing can begin.

Review and markup

Editing functions include the ability to edit narrative text and paste the edits directly into the billing application.

Submitting edited proformas

Another tap of the finger and the proforma is sent to the PortoFormia server. The biller is notified the moment this occurs. No printing, faxing, or pouching required!

Happy billers

Notified that an attorney has returned a batch of proformas, the billing process can begin. A click of the link to the Portoformia website will display the attorney work queue and the billing process can begin. No paper, effective command and control, faster bill to cash cycle.